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Alzheimer's disease

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How is the disease diagnosed?

How is the disease diagnosed?

Alzheimer's disease is a gradual deterioration of memory, ability to learn and think. Patients begin to forget, typical is wandering in familiar places. Pathological changes in brain begin 10 - 12 years prior the disease development, and at this stage it is too late to take any precautionary measures. Pathological changes in the brain can be only observed by special neuroimaging methods. These tests are NOT COMMONLY PROVIDED – because they involve use of radioactive substances and are time consuming and financially demanding. One of the options for detecting the risk of Alzheimer's is a prediction based on a genetic test associated with analysis of lifestyle.

How much does the medical care cost?

How much does the medical care cost?

As people grow older, the risk that this deceitful disease develops rapidly increases. Only in the Czech Republic alone we currently have more than 120 000 patients with Alzheimer's disease. The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease in Europe was estimated at 5%. From 2010 to 2050, the number of patients with Alzheimer's disease aged 70 years or more will increase by 153%, from 3.6 to 9.1 million. The annual cost of care for patients with Alzheimer's disease will increase from $ 307 billion to $ 1.5 trillion. Up to date we have no effective treatment available.

Jaký má prevence význam?

What is the significance of prevention?

It was calculated that preventive interventions to lifestyle and preventive medical interventions that had delayed the development of Alzheimer's disease by 5 years, would result in a 41% decrease in Alzheimer's disease and a 40% reduction in care costs. Delaying the development of Alzheimer's disease brings considerable benefits to household economies, health insurance and for the client itself in the form of longer and healthier life. The aim of our project is to provide the opportunity to extend the life expectancy of our clients.

10 - 12 years
there are irreversible changes in the brain before the disease outbreaks!
9,1 mil.
Europeans will suffer from this disease in 2050!
307 mld.
dollars costs the care of patients with Alzheimer's disease today!
by 41 %
will be reduced the incidence of illness if the prevention starts in time!

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Who we are

There is a team of scientists and specialists that works in ELISABETH PHARMACON laboratories focusing on the diagnosis of infectious diseases and genetically conditioned diseases. In our team we have a professor of genetics and molecular biology, professor of biochemistry and other biology and biochemistry experts. The ELISABETH PHARMACON laboratories has been involved in research for over 18 years. The ELISABETH PHARMACON is a Czech company that takes advantage of its own specific know-how.

Our company's vision is to become a state-of-the-art laboratory that uses advanced diagnostic technologies for medical use. This vision is fulfilled by a specific approach to the diagnosis of infectious and genetic diseases. We possess unique know-how from our own research projects.

We offer

The experience and enthusiasm for quality and accurate diagnostics is exactly what makes our service unique. We are focusing on research of Alzheimer's disease, celiac disease, age-related macular degeneration, thrombophilic mutations, Bechterew's disease, but also testing of ticks for Borrelia and other infections, testing of urinary infections, papillomaviruses, etc.

Large investments to research and laboratory technologies allow us to use specific procedures and methods to help us achieve more accurate results in comparison with other laboratories. We are constantly working on improving of procedures and refining predictive genetic tests. Every year, we bring our clients new services that enable them to monitor their health or new opportunities to intervene preventively or curatively, especially in a timely and targeted manner. Therefore, our services will always be a step ahead of conventional clinical laboratories and their services that are covered by public health insurance.

This project

The " Predictive Test of Alzheimer's disease" project is based on more than 15 years of research of Alzheimer's disease. The findings of this research have been used to compile a list of risk factors stemming from both the genetic predisposition and the lifestyle of several thousands of Alzheimer's patients. Our experts on Alzheimer's genetics, mathematicians and programmers have created a unique Artificial Intelligence algorithm that makes it possible to determine the risk of Alzheimer's disease with an accuracy of over 80%.

The goal of the project is to improve prevention of Alzheimer's disease throughout the society and, as a result, to delay or prevent the development of this disease with our clients. Continuous research activities will lead to the improvement and refinement of our tests through the learning system. Our clients will therefore be able to update their current results for free in the future.

Our services

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Lifestyle Risk Calculation - FREE

Lifestyle quite fundamentally complements the risk of development of a number of diseases, including Alzheimer's disease. We have prepared a questionnaire for you that evaluates whether your lifestyle either protects you or has influence on Alzheimer's disease development. It turned out that gene functioning that we have inherited from our parents are strongly influenced by our lifestyle. Important role also plays the so-called epigenetic factors and non-coding RNAs that regulate gene functions and whose function can be influenced by lifestyle. We now know that inherited risk genes in multifactorial diseases such as Alzheimer's disease do not automatically mean a poor prognosis. Changing lifestyle can affect the functioning of genes so that the influence of risky genes in connection with appropriate lifestyle can be ruled out. For this reason, we recommend to complete the complex test including filling in a questionnaire and undergo the genetic test.

Risk calculation based on genetic predispositions

The Alzheimer's disease is a multifactorial disease in which the causes of the origin are found in a mutual interplay of lifestyle and genetic predisposition. If you have obtained a lifestyle risk results (from the questionnaire), it is worthwhile to order also genetic test that makes the Alzheimer's risk more accurate by more than 80%. Based on this analysis, you get a detailed report of risk factors and also individual recommendation of your current lifestyle. If you have relatives in your family who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, this test is more than suitable to you. The test is based on gene analysis for ApoE and other genes that are evidently involved in the onset and development of Alzheimer's disease.

Other services

Clients with chronic problems come to us for diagnostic examination at point when public health fails and can’t help the client. This is mainly caused by cost-saving measures of health insurance companies, that set financial limits to doctors for maximal price of laboratory examinations that can be carried out by each doctor per month. Physicians are then forced not to perform tests and, for example, prescribe antibiotics empirically without proof of antibiotic sensitivity. Our services include, for example, testing urinary infections using DNA technologies and accurate cultivation tests to help clients effectively treat urinary tract infections. Other services include tick testing that are sent to us by clients for analysis of Borrelia and other infections. From genetic tests we are offering, for example, age-related macular degeneration test, celiac disease, Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis)

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