Questions and answers

I always have to fill out a questionnaire if I am only interested in genetic analysis?

Yes, the risk assessment is also linked to lifestyle and family history.

Is the taking of the sample painful?

No, it is not. The collection is done with a swab of the buccal (oral) mucosa.

How long it takes analysis?

Laboratory sample analysis takes about 10 working days since the sample was delivered to the laboratory.

How can I order analysis for more people?

For each person you have to create a separate order include a questionnaire of lifestyle and family history.

How are my data and analysis results secured?

The company ELISABETH PAHRMACON uses a secure (encrypted) laboratory system for processing under numerical codes. The company guarantees systematized pseudonymization of data and reduces the risk of possible misuse of personal data to a minimum. In addition, laboratory staff are contractually bound by confidentiality and are required to comply with our laboratory's code of ethics.